Friday, March 1, 2013

Weird thoughts on carpet water

Nothing makes me feel more disgusting than carpet cleaner water. 
We don't even wear shoes in the house so this foulness is all from our bare feet. 
How is that even possible?
Why am I writing a whole post about carpet cleaner water?
Because it's snowing again and this is the kind of weirdness that goes through my head all day since I've been cooped up for going on 5 months. 
But, it is March 1st! 
Spring is almost here! 
Soon I will see sunshine and robins and greenery! 
There will be baby birds and bunnies that I will watch out of my kitchen window- which I will open as soon as it reaches 50 degrees! 
So I am okay with my head being filled with things like carpet water for now, because I know that those days are numbered. 


  1. I gag everytime I clean our carpets (which hasn't been done since we moved into the house over a year ago-- YIKES!). I need mine cleaned before baby #3 comes.

  2. So I never had a carpet cleaner… until I got one for Christmas, yeah! And yes I could not BELIEVE how filthy it was!!!! Ahh!! It felt great to dump that water, though, it was doing its job. :) Yes… it would be great to be neighbors!!! I'd send my kids to your house. (ha ha!) Then they could eat your powdered sugar, too. yum!