Thursday, March 14, 2013


Something I have learned from having all of these children, is that I need to make a point of appreciating the small things or else I just plain old miss them. With Nate I took pictures of every first. Unfortunately I started to slack a little with my record keeping. I used to keep baby boxes full of special things all nicely labeled... now I have a huge bag were things have been dumped for the last 3yrs. Life just starts happening and when there are these many people all needing constant attention, anything nonessential goes right out the window. 
That said, I happened to look over the other day and I spotted these little feet peeking out from behind the cabinet door. 
I thought for sure she was causing some sort of mischief, as has been the case lately. 

 But, she wasn't.

What she was trying to do however, was stand... 
 for the very first time on her own. 
And I caught it all! 

Every pull and unsure grunt. I had to stifle my gasp as her chubby little legs started to slide outwards. I was determined to let her go. She could have fallen... but she didn't...

Instead she recovered all on her own. She stood steady and firm. 

She stood there and pounded her hands on the shelf, bounced her legs, and squealed to herself as if she knew what a big deal this was.

She did end up falling, but you'll have that. I picked her up and held her close and then when I put her back down she was right back at it. This is the age of boo-boos and however hard it will be for me to watch, I know I must let her go because that's what babies are meant to do. 
So congratulations Baby Kate, you did it! 
You still don't have teeth, but anything I can do to keep you looking like a tiny baby is just fine with me! 

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