Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter eggs

I cringe when my kids ask if they can do a craft or a project. I instantly think paint and glitter and tons of mess for me to clean up. It took me a little while to realize that the kids couldn't care less how fancy or planned out the "project" is. They will literally sit and do anything as long as I call it a craft. 
Their current favorite is for me to draw a picture for them to color. It's perfect because it's obviously cheap, and no matter what I draw they tell me I'm the best artist ever.
 I'll take my ego boosts wherever I can get them! 
I remember coloring contests at the grocery store when I was little. I used to get so excited to turn in my finished picture and try and find it amongst the other entries hanging around the grocery store. Why do they not do those anymore? Most likely because they are afraid to offend somebody by only chosing 1 winner instead of offering 200 participation awards. 
I digress..... 
The kids colored Easter eggs that I made extra intricate as to keep them busy for at least 45 minutes. The plan is to then hang them on the back of the door where they will likely live until at least the 4th of July since I always feel guilty taking their artwork down. 

They were busy most of the afternoon, were nearly fight free, and I can finally take down the snowflakes and replace them with seasonally appropriate spring decor. 
Perfect afternoon all around! 

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  1. Wow those eggs ARE intricate and lovely :) I think mine come out looking a little more...lopsided :)