Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Conversations with Claire

(talking about the lady in the car next to us at a stop light this morning) 
Claire- "Mom, I waved at that girl over there."
me- "That was nice of you, did she wave back?"
Claire- "No, her didn't see me. Where is her going?"
me- "I don't know Claire."
Claire- "Maybe her is going home."
me- "Yes, or maybe she is going to work."
Claire- (as if I am totally ridiculous) "Mommy, Moms is not go to work. Moms stay home with kids!"
me- "Some Moms go to work Claire. They can have jobs too just like Dad does."
Claire- "Then where do the kids go?"
me- "Sometimes they have babysitters"
Claire- (deep in thought) "Well, I wish we had babysitters."
me- "If you had a babysitter then where would I go?"
Claire- "Get a job."

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