Monday, March 11, 2013

Claires bargain bedroom

Before I had kids I envisioned decorating these beautifully cute bedrooms. I've browsed through Pottery Barn Kids and Pinterest, drooling like most people do. 
But know what? That stuff is expensive! 
Know what else? Kids destroy things! 
I am way too practical to shell out my husbands hard earned money on something so it can get colored on and and beat up with a homemade sword. Doesn't mean the rooms can't be cute though! 
Claires room is the only room so far that I would say is "finished"...mostly because she's a girl and doesn't break things just for the fun of it like my boys do, but also because the boys will still be moved around before we are in our final arrangements.

I came across this deal of the century this weekend. A Pottery Barn dollhouse shelf for $20!!! I found it on craigslist and it was about 5 minutes away.

She loves it, but I think I am secretly more excited than she is because seriously...$20!!

This armoire was another craigslist find from a few years back for $50. It was in PERFECT condition. It has a bar for hanging clothes up top that can be replaced with a shelf. It's perfect and I love it. 

Bed and table! We had the bed frame in our basement and the table was from my Grandmothers house. All they needed was a new coat of paint and good as new. 

I am in love with her bedding which I found at T.J.Max. The quilt has stripes on one side and hydrangeas (my favorite!) on the other. The colors matched perfectly with the green on the walls. I found the butterfly sheets at the same time, which I thought was amazing since you can't always find what you're looking for at T.J.Max. I spent less than $30 for all of it together. 

I just lover her pretty little bedroom. When the sun shines in it is so friendly and sweet. 
Total cost of cutest room in my whole house- $100!!

(p.s. This is Seans room... apparently this is what happens when you drop a bouncy ball behind the bed and you just have got to find it!) 

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