Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy raspberries

Just blowing some raspberries and looking out the window, no big deal. 

Until she spots me... Nothing stirs up anxiety like a shaky baby pulling up in the kitchen over the hard and unforgiving tile. 

But Kate doesn't think so. She's happy. 
Because she's always happy. 


Until of course she falls on her backside. 


But that doesn't last long...

Because in an instant we're back to smiles. 

Smiles that she learned from her older brother Danny. 
Danny is a professional smiler, 

Who also likes to teach his little sister fun things like how to stuff baseball cards down into the heating registers. There's an entire 
all-star team down there... 

But he does it with his smile so it's pretty hard to get mad. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Conversations with Claire

(talking about the lady in the car next to us at a stop light this morning) 
Claire- "Mom, I waved at that girl over there."
me- "That was nice of you, did she wave back?"
Claire- "No, her didn't see me. Where is her going?"
me- "I don't know Claire."
Claire- "Maybe her is going home."
me- "Yes, or maybe she is going to work."
Claire- (as if I am totally ridiculous) "Mommy, Moms is not go to work. Moms stay home with kids!"
me- "Some Moms go to work Claire. They can have jobs too just like Dad does."
Claire- "Then where do the kids go?"
me- "Sometimes they have babysitters"
Claire- (deep in thought) "Well, I wish we had babysitters."
me- "If you had a babysitter then where would I go?"
Claire- "Get a job."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gifts all around

I painted this as a gift for a good friend who just had a baby. Confession, I copied it from a print I saw on Etsy. I do that because I can copy just about anything, but I have zero imagination. 
Now if only I had artistic vision of my own! 

I added a crackle finish which I think turned out so well... confession #2... it was an accident! I used an Elmers glue/paint mixture to texture the canvas with tissue paper and when I painted over it, it crackled. I love it. 

I had to add the texture because I re-purposed a canvas I used to have in the boys room when they were babies. The image underneath had a texture and it showed through. Didn't need an owl with a sailboat sticking through his feathers. Besides I think it makes it more interesting. 

Confession #3, I had planned to use his name and birth info in this really cute design of a branch for the owl to be standing on. But, I chickened out. The texture ended up being sort of difficult to paint any detail on and the lettering would have required LOTS of detail. I was afraid it wouldn't look right and thus, he got a little pad of grass instead. A little empty looking... but it will have to do. 

Welcome to the world R.J.! 

You came on the first day of spring, and while my painting isn't perfect, you certainly are! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our March Madness

This is what March Madness looks like when you only have Netflix. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter eggs

I cringe when my kids ask if they can do a craft or a project. I instantly think paint and glitter and tons of mess for me to clean up. It took me a little while to realize that the kids couldn't care less how fancy or planned out the "project" is. They will literally sit and do anything as long as I call it a craft. 
Their current favorite is for me to draw a picture for them to color. It's perfect because it's obviously cheap, and no matter what I draw they tell me I'm the best artist ever.
 I'll take my ego boosts wherever I can get them! 
I remember coloring contests at the grocery store when I was little. I used to get so excited to turn in my finished picture and try and find it amongst the other entries hanging around the grocery store. Why do they not do those anymore? Most likely because they are afraid to offend somebody by only chosing 1 winner instead of offering 200 participation awards. 
I digress..... 
The kids colored Easter eggs that I made extra intricate as to keep them busy for at least 45 minutes. The plan is to then hang them on the back of the door where they will likely live until at least the 4th of July since I always feel guilty taking their artwork down. 

They were busy most of the afternoon, were nearly fight free, and I can finally take down the snowflakes and replace them with seasonally appropriate spring decor. 
Perfect afternoon all around! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sleep envy

Do you not long for the days when you had the freedom to take afternoon naps on the couch? 

Or for the days of your youth, when you slept so peacefully that you didn't notice a third of your body hanging off said couch?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trouble...and trouble jr.

  This is my basil that I have worked really hard to keep alive. 

Someone clearly thought it looked hungry and decided to feed it a few scoops of baby formula. 
I wonder who that someone could have been....
"Danny, were you playing with the baby formula again?"


So I tried to remedy the basil but it has grown mold now. Thanks Daniel. 
Good news is he's teaching his little sister how to cause trouble. 

Okay, so I can't actually blame him for her ever growing naughtiness. Unless I'm referring to her munching on a crayon wrapper because, well, he feeds them to her. 

Looks like it's time to replace the lock on the cabinet. 
That I'm pretty sure Dan broke. 
For the second time. 

I want to be annoyed. Okay so I am annoyed. But then I look at their sweet little smiling faces. They break things and cause endless damage to our home. But I would take the damage any day if it means that I get to see the smiles. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Who needs a parade when you can have a party?

The Decor

Yes, this is only a little bit of it but I didn't feel like chasing down every shamrock in the house. The "faith, family, friends" sign is always there. The Irish flag is construction paper and scotch tape. Don't be jealous of my artistic genius. 

The Food

Irish soda bread. I would give you the recipe but I cheated and used a mix.. It was DRY but at least it looked really pretty. 

Cupcakes! Something I'm sure St. Patrick himself ate a ton of... actually no. Nothing about these are Irish but they sure do feel festive. 

Especially these ones that I made with a silicone heart cupcake mold. So cute! 

 My gorgeous shepherds pie. 

That we ate half of before I remembered to take a picture. It was heaven in a casserole dish. 

The Crafts

A fruit loop rainbow that I found on Pinterest. Super easy and the perfect craft for kids ages 2-5, and because I have a 2,3,4, and 5yr old that sure does work for me! 

Thank you Auntie B for your assistance! 


We painted shamrocks and horseshoes. This was not the perfect craft for ages 2-5 and it created some pretty healthy mess. But they had fun so I guess I can handle it. 

And finally...

The Smiles 

The real reason we do not so perfect for a 2yr old crafts and throw around tons of unnecessary decorations. I am a very lucky girl have all of these lovelies around me to share days like today with, I don't always remember that, but today I did. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! 

A previous plan of my sister in law and I taking the 3 oldest kids downtown for the parade fell through... meaning I realized that I was crazy for even considering it! 
Instead, I decided we'd have out own party right here. I threw up some decorations after the kids went to bed, made a shepherds pie and some soda bread, and dug out my favorite Gaelic Storm cd's. 
I'm a little sad that my kids won't get to hear the bagpipes first hand just yet, but I am thrilled that we'll get to celebrate the day in the comforts of our own home. 
Less is more? 
Most definitely! 

"May joy and peace surround you,
contentment latch your door, 
and happiness be with you now, 
and bless you evermore!"

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Something I have learned from having all of these children, is that I need to make a point of appreciating the small things or else I just plain old miss them. With Nate I took pictures of every first. Unfortunately I started to slack a little with my record keeping. I used to keep baby boxes full of special things all nicely labeled... now I have a huge bag were things have been dumped for the last 3yrs. Life just starts happening and when there are these many people all needing constant attention, anything nonessential goes right out the window. 
That said, I happened to look over the other day and I spotted these little feet peeking out from behind the cabinet door. 
I thought for sure she was causing some sort of mischief, as has been the case lately. 

 But, she wasn't.

What she was trying to do however, was stand... 
 for the very first time on her own. 
And I caught it all! 

Every pull and unsure grunt. I had to stifle my gasp as her chubby little legs started to slide outwards. I was determined to let her go. She could have fallen... but she didn't...

Instead she recovered all on her own. She stood steady and firm. 

She stood there and pounded her hands on the shelf, bounced her legs, and squealed to herself as if she knew what a big deal this was.

She did end up falling, but you'll have that. I picked her up and held her close and then when I put her back down she was right back at it. This is the age of boo-boos and however hard it will be for me to watch, I know I must let her go because that's what babies are meant to do. 
So congratulations Baby Kate, you did it! 
You still don't have teeth, but anything I can do to keep you looking like a tiny baby is just fine with me!