Monday, February 4, 2013


Ever try and take a picture of 6 kids? Allow me to enlighten you on the process. We were going to a function and all happened to be dressed nicely. I wasn't going for formal fancy noted by the dirty clothes on top of the cabinet and cord hanging in the way... just a nice picture to give the grandparents. This, my friends, is the masterpiece of photographic perfection that we came up with. 

Sorta acceptable

Same...not bad but not great

Older brother distracted and Nate losing interest.

Older brother and Kate looking at...well... I have no idea but it's not me. 

Blinky baby.

And we've lost Nate and Dan. 
Looking like Claires on the outs, Sean going strong...

You see where this is going.

This is where I should have just stopped,

but I really just wanted that one PERFECT shot!

So I persevered,

And I got an eye roll.

A please dear God can we be done now...

Older brother- total defeat. 

Dan has had enough, 

he felt the need to switch it up a bit. 

Just kidding, he returns. 

But if one kids does it...

then another, 

and another. 

Until it is all out pandemonium. 


 we're done. 

Everyone wants pretty pictures where the subjects look perfect with that perfect smile, that perfect hair. But perfection to one, is not always perfection to another. 
These pictures represent my family in about the best way I can imagine. They are silly and sweet and about as imPERFECT 
as can be. We are loud and crazy but the chaos is ours and it's home. 
I set out to capture one quick, well-dressed moment but instead I walked away with an awesome reminder to rethink perfection. 

Question- Did I ever get that PERFECT shot?



  1. My favorite kind of family photo - honestly! It's so great. Your kids look happy and I'm glad :)

  2. All the shots are perfectly perfect! You have a lovely family! I found you at Crafty Spices and invite you over for a visit!

  3. This was great! I was giggling as I kept scrolling :) I can't get a good picture with 2 kids, I can't imagine trying to get one with six!