Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Kathleen

I can't believe that this

was 8 months ago. 
She was supposed to stay tiny forever. Didn't she know this? Isn't that what it means to be the "baby of the family"? 
But instead she decided to grow. 
She has learned to smile and wave and laugh. 

I could have stopped there, but she needed more. 
So she went and learned to crawl. 
She scoots and explores. 

Her biggest brother said to me today "She used to be so tiny and now look at her. Isn't it so crazy how they grow every single day and you don't even notice?

Well, I notice. And it's the greatest conflict a Mom can experience. On one hand all you want for your babies is to grow and learn and be happy, but on the other all you want is for them to remain...well...babies. 
But they won't. 
I know that 8 months is not old. I know that I still have years of diapers, nap times, and boo-boo's. 
But I also know that those years will go by in a flash. 
So for now, I will just soak it in. I will spend extra time during changes to nibble on her tiny pink piggies, to tickle her chubby belly, and admire the dimples where her knuckles will one day be. 
She will try and give me drooly baby kisses and I will let her because there is no greater gift than looking into the face of a happy baby. 

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