Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Messiest Mom of the week

Sticky floors? Yes!
Messy kitchen? Yes!
Laundry piles? YESSS!
Dirty oven? Probably considering I've never cleaned it!
Happy kids? Always! (actually not always but that sounded so much better than most of the time)

I was chosen as The Messiest Mom of the Week from the Ladies at Messy Moms Radio! How exciting is that? They have an awesome blog (along with their own radio show,) and an awesome take on being a Mom...

"Being a Messy Mom is all about being a "real mom". Not one of us are perfect, we are the real deal."

So am I a Messy Mom? Heck yeah I am, and proud of it! After all... anyone can clean a house, but only the lucky ones get to be Mothers. I love a clean house and feel so much better when everything is in order, luckily for me that almost never happens! Oh well, there will come a day when I will miss this craziness, so I might as well just sit back and appreciate it while it lasts. 

Know any Messy Moms? Visit here to nominate someone (or yourself) to share in the honor of being The Messiest Mom of the Week. 

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