Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Lovies

Happy Valentine's Day!!

To celebrate this year, I participated in a swap called Little Lovies organized by fellow bloggers Laura and Lindsey

The premise of this swap was an exchange of a few of your favorite things.

Lindsey was my swap partner and I should say that it was the perfect match because her favorite things were beyond perfect for me! 
Here's a breakdown of the goods that were waiting me for me in mailbox...

Pretty smelling soap, that I always browse but NEVER buy for myself. Is it sad that smelly soap is actually a treat for me? And some hand sanitizer... 5 kids, 5 grubby, germ carrying kids... sanitizer? Yes please! 

Fun note cards (presumably because she could sense that I have been slacking on Thank You cards since I ran out and can't be bothered to buy more). Also, a notepad...that we have also been without for some time now. Anyone noticing a theme here? 

ChapStick! Have you been to northeast Ohio in the winter? Danny ate mine. 

Last but not least, 3 packets of Emergen-C!!! For those of you who don't know this stuff is wonderful. It's a dietary supplement that is supposed to boost the immune system and ward off sickness. Sickness, something we have been plagued with since SEPTEMBER. But we are better now and drinking Emergen-C like it's our job. I live in fear of the sickness. For real. 

Also, I feel compelled to mention that there was also a bag of M&M's included in my gift box. Those did not last long enough to make the photo shoot. For that, I shall not be judged. Whatever it takes to make it through the day! 

So thank you Lindsey for my box-o-goodies and for Lindsey and Laura both for taking the time to organize this. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with lovies of your own! 

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  1. ha! I'm sensing a theme as I read through everyone's posts... Chocolate was sent and it didn't last long. :)

    I laughed at "Danny ate mine" about the chapstick. Totally wasn't expecting that haha!