Wednesday, February 13, 2013


What am I giving up for Lent this year.... my laziness! 

I chose to ignore that habit of giving something up that is really just a ploy to drop a few pounds (pop, chocolate) and really do something that will prove to myself that hard work really is the best way to be present for my family. 

What am I vowing to change? I have committed to end the constant cycle of television that is a plague on my poor household. We opted out of cable (gasp!)  a few yrs back and have only netflix now. That said, the tv continues to provide my children with a rich and overflowing source of arguments. Who wants to watch what when is constant. And I do mean constant. Typically the kids won't sit still and watch anything anyways so really it's just noise. Believe me, the last thing we need in this house is extra noise. I love having open windows and being able to hear the outside...but it's freezing, and while I can't stand tv noise I do need something to dull the sound of kid loudness. My inner nerd turned to google and I found this awesome website that lets you make your own background sound. I opted for the forest sound with a little creek thrown in. Laugh if you will but I miss the sound of chirping birds so much. 
Saying no to tv really is liberating. It's amazing how easy it has made everything in just a few short days (I stated this on Sunday) . The kids have started to ask less and less and, shocking, they are actually playing with their toys instead of just whirl-winding through the house. I am so excited about this change and hope that this becomes the perfect pathway into a tv free summer. 

My second major change is that, without fail, I am going to clean up the house and get everything ready for the following morning immediately after I put all the kids to bed. I know this sounds like something that I should already be doing and not at all a big deal, but believe me, after a day with 5 under 5 the last thing you tend to do once they are asleep is MORE work. But it is so necessary. Our mornings are just insane, adding into that extra clutter from the previous day and it just starts the day from a place of being totally out of control. I will make lunches, have clothes ready, wash and put away all dishes, have milk cups ready, clean up kitchen, and clear away any remaining toys that are lingering. Add in there a few loads of laundry...see what I'm saying? It's a lot of work. but, I can't tell you how much of a difference this makes in starting the day. It's the effort I need a boost with. At the end of the day I must find the energy to finish off on the right foot before I chose to take the time for myself to do, well, nothing. That only hurts me in the long run. This will be a change well worth it. 

I feel these small but very significant adjustments will make such positive change for the peacefulness of our home. And peaceful is my ultimate goal. Life outside of my walls is hectic enough without having to deal with it here at home too. 

"To live in a peaceful home is to experience paradise on Earth." 


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