Friday, February 1, 2013

Just another night

I love when the kids stand by the windows looking out. There is a peach tree right outside this one that we watch in the summer. 

Today they were watching the storm clouds roll in. 

And then the most beautiful thing happened, the SUN came out! 
It was still snowing like crazy and the sun came through just as it was beginning to set. I have never seen such bright sun shine through the snow before. 

The snow cleared up and we saw blue sky...
I love the view from our windows!

French toast for dinner. 

Kate smiling in her favorite place while I'm cooking...


She realizes that this food is not for her. 

Does this happen at anyone elses house? If you don't finish something the scavengers snatch it and gobble up the remains. Waste not want not. 

I had to explain to Nate when we were out once that he was not to take other peoples food, that that is something reserved for siblings only. 
Perk of being in a big family? Or weird habit... either way. 


  1. My kids are scavengers, too. You know how at birthday parties, all the kids sit down and eat cake, then get up all at once to go back to playing? My oldest sticks around and goes from plate to plate to finish everyone's cake and ice cream (until I stop her).

  2. My kids AND my husband are scavengers! I hate it. Can't leave food out zl all or it gets eaten. Ha!