Monday, February 25, 2013


So remember back here where I explained all about my nightly preparations?  Well, it is going so well! It makes the mornings go SO much easier I cannot even tell you. Unfortunately, I haven't done it every night. Some nights, still...even though I know it will make the next day so very much better...I am just too tired. Last night was one of those nights. Corey was at the firehouse and the kids really just did me in. I am paying the price for that this morning. 5 little kids in your face at 6:30am is chaotic enough without the nonsense of a messy house added in. 
Here is where I show you the reality in which I exist in hopes of a) spreading a little joy when you see how much worse my house is than yours and b) motivating myself to clean it up!  Enjoy my shame. 

Toys were never put away last night. Before bed a few of my lovelies broke into the locked toy cabinet and spewed toys all over the house. 

I never cleared the random clutter off the living room floor. This is a big one. Walking into the room in the morning with junk all over feels suffocating to me. 

Yup. That's somebody's cup there on the floor. Why is it there in the hallway? Because yesterday Danny smuggled it upstairs, filled it with water in the bathroom sink, and dumped it over the railing from halfway down. Why would he do that? Sean and Nate told him to. And I left it sit there. 

Laundry. Always. 

Stuff all over the counters. 

Dishes in the sink. 

I felt like you needed a close up. 

Another flat surface in the kitchen where things collect. Deep sigh. I'm so sick of things.  

Right there, see that? Yep, that's totally a diaper I set down and forgot about. 

Wait.... there, next to the lamp... yeah, that would be another one. Oh and can you tell from the picture that the bookcase is pulled away so far from the wall from someone running into it that stuff is falling behind it one one side? 

So there it is. This is my Monday morning. Also, I had a 1am and 3am argument with Claire about why she was not sleeping in my bed. Because Kate felt bad for me she waited until 4am to wake up. Then, up for the day at 6:30am to discover that I was indeed out of milk... and juice. 

But, the sun is shining and I am determined to still be happy. 
I had put this "blue bird of happiness" up on my window a few weeks back to remind me to smile. I saw it this morning

 and smile is exactly what I did. 


  1. Girl, your house looks great. Mine looks worse and I have--ONE. I love the story about the cup, and the're going to laugh one day when you look back at these stories here :D.

  2. The diaper - that's so funny. I'm glad you take these pictures and post them. Honestly, the house didn't look so bad. I try to do something before going to bed too. Nothing is worse then getting up for the day and facing yesterday's mess.