Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breakfast of champions

Kids came in around 6:30am to wake me up and ask if they could go downstairs (and by me I mean me and Sean since he slept in my bed...because that always seems to happen when Dads working!). I said that was fine and told them I'd be down in a minute. Went in the bathroom...silly me... as I'm drying my hands Sean comes running in my room and says to me "Mom! I thought you were coming downstairs?!" I told him that I was on my way but I needed to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. He explained that the "babies were eating the flour" and said I needed to hurry up. 6:30am. Seriously. I follow Sean to the scene of the crime and find this... 

That is not flour, that is a whole pile of powdered sugar. Nothing better than that to energize a couple of kids before the sun comes up. If you look closely, you can see little lines in the sugar pile where they were dragging their spit covered fingers through. They were crouched over their feast like mini wild savages, licking their hands. I guess I should at least be happy they had the sense to use a paper plate rather than just dump it on the floor? 


  1. That was very courteous of them to use a paper plate ;). Nothing like a little (a lot?) of excitement first thing in the morning!!

  2. What a fun way to start the day!! I remember when my two eldest were little guys (only 16 months apart) and they'd get into anything & everything :)
    Oh such fun...& yes, still believing that it is so worth it :)
    My first time on your blog, found on How We Roll and I'm your newest subscriber.