Monday, February 11, 2013

A sign of the times

If you have kids, then you know what this stuff is...

A few days back I was opening a new box when something caught my eye. That something was a little sticker on the box packaging. 

"Coming Soon NEW Plastic Package!"

"Now in a NEW Plastic Package that Simplifies Your Life!
"Less Mess!"
"Easy to Pour and Scoop"
"Easy to Open and Close"

(uses up more resources to make while I'm sure producing awesomely toxic runoff chemicals. Takes up more room in landfills adding to our already out of control trash issue. Teaches even more people that everything needs to be SIMPLE because God forbid we actually have to put effort into something. Makes pouring a whopping ounce of dry rice cereal even easier so people can rush off to work even faster to make more money to pay for more companies to develop even more plastic packaging!!!!!!!!!)

Does this disappoint anyone else or is it just me? It is a sign of the times for sure, just such a sad one in my opinion. Now I am not some great recycler, and admittedly my large family produces WAY more trash than we should. But seeing this is just another connection to "the old days" that I see slipping away. "The old days" that in all honesty I have never really fully experienced being only 31yrs old. I am not a huge fan of technology (as I sit her blogging-gag) and I cannot stand our culture of fast, tv, cell phones, ipads, ipods, plastic, consume, easy, simple, instant. Why can't things just stay the same? You can't turn you head these days without seeing something that has been "improved" or "simplified"- simplifying and advancing these things often times makes the infinitely more complicated in the long run. 

Is a card board box really that big of a hassle to people? Is that little tab on the side really that hard to open? Have I spilled the fluffy cereal- yes- and then I wiped it up and went about my business. 
What I would not give to be a part of the days where kids asked for a football for Christmas rather than some $500 phone or a plastic toy that does the playing for them. Where I wouldn't have to wonder if my food has been genetically altered when I buy it at the overpriced grocery store, because that's just what they do these days. 

I am so afraid for the world we are creating (or dare I say destroying! Wall-E fans, sounds spookily like Buy N Large doesn't it?) for all of our dear children. All I can do is challenge myself to put in the effort here at home. To show them that it IS possible to be the change you want to see in the world. I hope I can raise them to care about the people and world around them more so than themselves. To live kindly and selflessly. 
I'm thinking a serious Lenten Commitment is in order. 


  1. I totally agree. Could you switch brands so that you don't have to support the new change? I usually give my kids the Earths Best brand, and I doubt they will move to plastic packaging.

    1. How did I not think of that? Having a serious duh moment. Yes, switch brands I will. Gerber can peddle their "convenience" elsewhere!

  2. I know what you mean... Convenience has taken over common sense it seems... (PS thanks for linking up at CEO of Me this week!)

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