Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentines decor

I hung a heart. That's it. I generally don't decorate for Valentines Day until the actual day arrives. Then I hang a bunch of paper hearts and whatnot around for the kids as a surprise when they wake up. But other than that, I'm sort of over decorations by this point in the year. 
This year I wanted a big simple glittery heart for the door. I could have driven around looking for one to buy, but why buy when you can make? So that's what we did. It ended up being the perfect nap time activity for a bored little boy. 

I called Sean over for a picture...the troops always respond as a team. 

Naturally they had to make a mess of the door while they had the chance. Ok maybe it was already a mess. No harm done. 

I love my heart. I love that it's simple. And I love that it was made with things already scattered around the house. 

1 comment:

  1. I love the heart too! It's HUGE next to your little guy. Simple and fun is right up my alley. My sister-in-law just sent up some markers that work on glass for the kids, I think yours would love using them on your front glass door!