Friday, January 25, 2013

Seen and heard

Text that I sent to my husband 

"Dan cut Claires eye with the cow, I found poo on the bathroom floor, and I just used the vacuum to suck up a spider so big that I doubt the suction killed it. Hope you have a good day :) "

me- "She is your little sister, she is younger than you, smaller than you, and she is a girl. You may not ever smack her in the face!"
Claire- "yeah, me is a lady!"

Claire- "Me is gonna be a queen when me get bigger."
me- "That would be very nice."
Claire- "But me not gonna be a mean queen, me is gonna be a lovely one with a beautiful dress and no boys."

Sean- "I love our fat baby Mom. Thanks for going to the hospital to buy her."

Claire- "When is Daddy comin home?"
me- "At dinner time."
Claire- "Me want him to be mad at the boys and me is gonna watch. Stinky boys!"