Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My "routine"

Someone (Jenna @ Call Her Happy this one's for you!) recently asked me about my daily routine so I figured I'd attempt to put it out there for whomever might be interested. 

I have read countless blogs where these awesomely organized women have certain activities that they do each and every day, all mapped out in a list and perfect. I would LOVE to be that together, alas, I am not. My house and everyone in it would probably be much better off if I had it in me to adopt a more set schedule but I just can't seem to get a grasp on it. 

-My kids get up early. 7:15am is a huge success but more often than not we're hearing hallway rumblings at around 6:30am. 
The kiddos expect to be fed IMMEDIATELY once they reach downstairs. Literally, it's as if they have some reflex in their feet that once they reach the bottom step they need to beg for food. 
I would say it's safe to assume that we will fight about the breakfast that I have decided to serve for a good 15 minutes or so because with this many peeps, you can't expect everyone to be happy all the time. Somewhere in there I also grab the baby and she gets her first bottle.
-Weekdays I have to have Nate off to school by 8:10am. Tues, Wed, and Thurs I have to load everyone in the car so we can take Sean to school by 9am. 
Claire and Dan have developed an awesome routine of wanting apples when we get home. Sean exits the car, the door shuts, and the requests for apples begins. I used to fight this, but then I had a moment of clarity where I slapped my own self in the face because...well...it's apples for goodness sake! Let them eat the darn apples! 
-Kate then has another bottle and goes down for nap #1. I attempt to eat, do some cleaning, check emails, that sort of thing. 
-By this time it's around 11:15am or so. On days when I need to pick Sean up from school I get Kate up and changed and we head out around 11:45am (thought I must admit that more often than not Corey picks him up for me because he's awesome like that!). 
-Lunch is at 12pm (feed Kate babyfood) then nap for Dan, Claire, and Kate (who requires another bottle) from 1pm-3pm(ish depending on their moods). More cleaning and maybe a project or something with Sean. 
-Wes home at 2:40pm from school.
-Nate home at 3:15pm and I walk up to the corner to get him, taking whoever isn't throwing a tantrum at this point along for the stroll. We come home and have snack then I start cooking dinner which is typically served by 5:30pm. (feed Kate babyfood)
-After dinner is homework for Nate, post dinner clean up, and playing with the rest of the kids. Baths start by 6:30pm which is usually handled by Corey as I give Kate her bedtime bottle. Then bed is usually around 7pm. 

Did you hear that? BEDTIME!!!!!!! (try and imagine me jumping for joy at this point)
Now, 7pm is NOT bedtime in the summer because of our friend the sun who refuses to go down until after 9pm but it's winter and 7pm works just great for us! 

In a perfect world I would sit on my couch with a book and relax but that is most certainly not what tends to happen. The kids being in bed enables us to catch up on housework (I say US because my husband and I both get to work as it's just way too much for one person to handle alone all the time. He is so good about helping me!) If we have grocery shopping this is usually when that's done too. I would also love to tell you that I am responsible and get to bed by 10pm but the truth is that I value my "me time" too much so I usually stay up until around 12am which is horrible but I do it so there it is. 

So there's my day. It's crazy and sort of a disorganized mess, but I do what I can with what I've got and so far I've never lost a kid (for long)or caused any major bodily harm so I guess I can call it a success! 

p.s. I feel like I forgot a ton in there...


  1. Thank you so much! I love love love reading about other moms' days. Is that weird? I just like to see how they manage their time. Sometimes I feel incredibly lazy because I only have one, and while even one is hard, they don't take up every second of your time (hello, nap time!). With another one on the way, I always like to learn new tricks and routines for making it work! Thank you!

    1. I like it too so I guess we can both be weird together!

  2. Haha, so you actually have a routine...I keep trying to have one but it seems like every day tends to me a new adventure and I try to conquer one thing. You're an amazing mom!

  3. wow! I only have two children and our routine is very similar! And yes, I jump for joy at bedtime too!

  4. Sounds like a pretty busy day to me! My little one demands breakfast nearly as soon as she wakes up, bright and early too. Thankfully for us here in the tropics, the sun sets early year-round, meaning I can put baby to bed around 5:30pm every night as dusk begins settling in. It's lovely. Thanks for sharing with the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week!