Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My home, and the mess that lives here

Christmas is slowly but surely leaving my home, slowly because the many little kiddos that are ever at my feet make it near impossible to accomplish even the simplest of goals. I want the decorations gone. I want simple, stark, and empty. There is so much clutter in our home that I feel as if it's closing in on me, suffocating me where I stand. The garbage truck just pulled away and I wanted to run after it, screaming "Wait!! Please come back and take the rest of it!" as I threw everything in our home out of the front door. 
I have cleaned, organized, and put away all morning long. 

This is what I accomplished. 

Seriously. All morning long. Two lousy rooms!

But, it's a start and it's better than before so I have to force myself to be satisfied. 
I still have these little gems to contend with...

I feel like showing these to you sort of shames me into cleaning. And clean I will...but no more for today. 

Because it's pretty hard to keep these faces smiling while one is preoccupied with housework. And in the never ending battle of happy kids vs. a clean house, the kids win every time. 


  1. You did much better than me! I only got my dishes done. I keep walking by the tree and clean dishes stacked on my table from Christmas eve that need to be returned to their owners...soon.

  2. I love the pic of your staircase. When my children were all at home I'd put the clean towels on the stairs in the hope that one of them would pick up the stack and take it to their bathroom upstairs. I'd watch as one boy after another would run up the stairs and grab one towel from the stack on his way to the shower! By the end of the week all the towels would be gone and it'd be time to start all over. My stairs stay clean now but I sure miss having a houseful of boys:-)

    1. I walk around my kid cluttered house telling myself that believe it or not someday I WILL miss all this. Thanks for the reminder!