Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm grasping at straws here

Today was a day like any other, well, like any other that we've had recently. By that I mean a day spent nursing a sick kid...or 5...followed up with our newly routine trip to the urgent care center. Today on the menu was 2 sets of ear infections and pink eye. Baby Kate has now contracted the lovely flu that has leveled our family and my bronchitis continues to make me sound like every breath could be my last. My husband is finally on the mend but really all that means is that he's first in line once superbug decides to start over again. Superbug has been toying with us you know. Roosting in the far corners of my home just waiting to pounce on whomever feels the best that day. 

I sat down tonight and thought what am I going to do. I clean, I medicate, I even cracked the windows on a freezing cold day in hopes of getting some clean air. NOTHING is helping rid us of this funk. I decided that I needed to look up the patron saint of sickness and pray to them. Like really pray super hard. Maybe said patron saint might take pity on my patheticness from above and have mercy on my mucous covered soul? 

Now I went to Catholic school but church goer of the year I am not and I do not have my saints memorized. So, I did what I do best, I googled! As I skimmed the list I devised an even better plan once I realized that there is in fact more than 1 saint that could be coming to my aid. I will send out multiple prayers to multiple patron saints. One of them will hear me. Right? Then they'll undoubtedly float on over to one of their saintly buddies and explain that this sickly lady who keeps harassing patron saints from near and far desperately needs a break already from superbug. They will gather together to form a team and they will eradicate this sickness from my weary family and we will be done once and for all. That's how it'll go.... I have faith. 

Anyways, I compiled a list of all the blessed folk that I am determined are going to help me to what modern medicine, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and tons of vitamic c cannot. 
I am also currently accepting extra prayers and general thoughts of wellness that you might be interested in throwing my way. 

p.s. Having a blog is an awesome timeline. It has allowed me to pinpoint when superbug officially took up residence in my home... 11/26 was when it first hit. Someone has been sick ever since.In case anyone is wondering.... IT'S JANUARY!!!!!!!!!

p.p.s.  6 kids being sick for 2 months = hell on earth. 


  1. oh Sarah! I'm so sorry! Praying you all get well soon! A friend of mine recommended I start giving my kids colloidal silver when they are fighing off sickies. I think it may have been one of the reasons Connor kicked the flu bug so quickly, but then again, I also give conventional meds too, so who really knows.

    1. Thank you! This morning my 7month old woke up covered head to toe in a huge red rash. Took her in and she has a double ear infection along with hives caused by the virus. Stay tuned for my breakdown.

  2. Yes! I am so with you! Hell on earth indeed, and I only have two sick kiddos, so I can't even imagine how crazy your world must be. Sending prayers your way and really hoping you can break through the sick cycle soon :(