Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter is here

This is the view from my windows.

 Our backyard is lined with this huge wall of pine trees that get covered with snow in the winter. And I love it. I have no curtains or shades on my windows because I can't imagine covering this view (plus there's no one back there to see in!) It is the most peaceful sight in the morning. You'd never know that wall of trees is separating us from the highway.
I love the holidays. But, this year I'm pretty happy to see them go. I am so ready for peaceful quiet. By peaceful quiet I mean less activity of course as we are undoubtedly the loudest family on the planet. But I am ready to welcome the mundane days of winter where the most excitement we see is playing outside in the snow. Which is where my kids are right now- at 8:30am on a Saturday. Perfect perfect perfect. 

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