Monday, December 17, 2012

Not just another Monday morning

This morning I gave my Nate a massive hug before sending him off to the bus stop. I also sent him off carrying a Thank You note for his teacher to tell her how much I appreciate her. 

I feel the same way that we all do, can't help but think what would have happened if that had been my child. But I refuse to let this horrible tragedy make me paranoid and afraid about sending my children off into the world. Because you know what? That's not something that we can help. 

We have to let our kids grow and experience. Our job is to prepare them as best as we can in hopes that they will make the right choices and become kind caring people.  I want to shield my babies from all of the worlds horrors as much as the next, but that is just not the reality that we live in. 

Instead, I am going to use this experience as a constant reminder, not to avoid or shelter, but to appreciate. I will recognize and cherish the good times and be genuinely grateful for them. I will hug tighter and be more present with my babies. I will remind myself that there are families everywhere, not just in Connecticut, that would give ANYTHING to have what we have and not take it all for granted. 

What happened last week was hideous and just truly unimaginable. I won't spend my time hiding and fearing, instead I will spend more time really living and loving my babies.  

"Run, because you can. Jump, because you can. Dance, because you can. Sing, because you can. Love, because you can. Smile, because you can. Be happy, because you can. Do it, for those who can't."

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  1. You said this so beautifully--"I am going to use this experience as a constant reminder, not to avoid or shelter, but to appreciate". That's exactly what we should pull out of this tragedy. Perfect.