Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas to us

This would be my kids first view of Santas good work when they came down the stairs Christmas morning

I realize that I shouldn't have the tv on while taking these pictures, but I feel like since 
I had It's A Wonderful Life playing that it sorta makes it okay. 

I love that we fill will up the whole mantel with our 8 stockings.

(and this is where the quality of my pictures takes a nosedive because it was actually Christmas morning and I cared more about experiencing the moment than taking pretty pictures!) 

Baby Kate enjoyed her first Christmas morning by being our only early riser. 

Followed by big brother Danny. And it was perfect. 

Dan still has this tiny baby voice and he sort of breathes some of his words. I say this because in that picture of him standing in front of the tree, you need to imagine his little baby whispering saying "wow" over and over. It was beautiful. 

Nate was the next one out of bed, he knew exactly what to do. 

But I think his true Christmas miracle came when he learned he actually had permission to get the other kids out of bed, something that is usually a serious no-no. 

And then Christmas happened. It was loud and messy but there were no tears and tons of smiles. All I could ever ask for. 

I had the flu. I wasn't able to make some gifts I had planned and the food wasn't all prepared as I would have liked. I was forced to let go of all expectations. But I learned a very important lesson. It's better that way! Nobody cared that my wrapping was sloppy and the food fed the family just the same. It was a perfect day documented by my imperfect photos, just the way I like it. 

Merry (day after) Christmas to all! 

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  1. Mom can't get sick on Christmas!! i hope you feel better!

    The pictures of the tree and presents are gorgeous. And I can just imagine your sweet son saying "Wow" - too cute!