Friday, December 21, 2012

Babies, and Santas, and ornaments, oh my!

Will you hold the baby for me?
Whatever works. The most important lesson for anyone thinking of having 6 kids. 

Don't you just want to squeeze her? You know you do! 

Nate, Sean, and the most unpleasant looking Santa in all of human history. Luckily they had already seen the real Santa a few weeks ago, this was just one of his "helpers".

My most favorite Christmas ornaments from my Grandma. The little elves remind me of being small. 

My manger also belonged to my Grandma. It's origin is questionable and it was either a gift from, or belonged to my great Grandmother. It's made of cardboard and falling apart but I love it more than words can say. It still has the price tag on the bottom, it was $1.29! Is it normal that I am jealous of my manger for having been around for such simple times? 

So much work to do, such little time. But it's snowing outside and I'm about to put on some Christmas music and feed my squishy baby Kate. No other way I'd rather spend my morning!

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