Monday, November 5, 2012

The Halloween that would not die

So Halloween is FINALLY over (I hope). Now I love me some Halloween. However, my love was seriously put to the test this year. The Halloween parties began in October 24th, thanks to super storm Sandy trick-or-treating wasn't until November 4th. We have been celebrating Halloween AND NOW IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!! Woo-hooooooo!!!! So I'll do the expected costume post and then by God I will be done with this never ending holiday which I will not think about until at least October 10th of 2013...except when I have to help them put their costumes back on for dress up. Which I have already done 3 separate times today. Did I mention it's only 9am? (sigh) 

Jack O' Lanterns... I carved 8... There were pumpkin guts in my hair. 

The Avengers!!!

The Avengers!!! ...again...after Dan was bribed with Candy so we could paint his face. 

 What super hero team could be complete without a seriously chubby purple flower?

 A happy seriously chubby purple flower...

 Who really loves her big sister. 

So Happy Halloween.... FOR THE LAST TIME


  1. I laughed so much at this! Isn't it so funny how with kids holidays can just become so huge? I was so ready to set Halloween aside this year too! Whew that it is over :)

  2. Oh so adorable, I specially like you flower :).

    Thanks for stopping by and for linking via our WWHop

  3. Quite possibly the cutest happy purple flower I have ever laid eyes on.