Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pros and Cons

1. I have got a serious cold.
2. My house is filthy...FILTHY.
3. I am blah about putting up the Christmas tree.
4. Super sore throat is making me realize how much I really do yell at my kids.
5. Discovered last night that my Christmas shopping (which I thought was finished!) has been seriously lopsided in favor of the boys.
6. Have a ton to do but no time or motivation.
7. There is an irritating, random weird noise in my house that I can't place and hearing it is like a slow and excruciating torture.

1. I have to be getting better soon...right?
2. Filthy house means that people actually live here and I'd rather have filth than loneliness.
3. I know my blah-ness will subside as soon as I feel better.
4. Super sore throat is making me NOT yell at my kids so much.
5. I have a reason to justify buying more pretty presents for Claire.
6. The most important things are getting done so all I need to do is motivate myself to not worry about the small stuff.
7. I finally remembered to tell Corey about the noise so he'll find it and take care of it like he does most other things if I whine enough. 

(added for no other reason other than it makes me laugh, and laughs are exactly what I need today)

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  1. We were sick before Thanksgiving and it took 2 weeks to cycle through all of us, it was not fun! I felt awful and the house was a mess! hope you're feeling better. oh and my son is always putting stamps and stickers all over his face, even though it hurts when I have to take them off, he doesn't learn!