Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My reminder

Every once in a while one of those gut wrenching reminders of how thankful I should be comes along to bop me on the head. Sometimes it's from the news, sometimes it's something I hear from a friend. This morning, at a little after 7:33am, the reminder came from my own husband in the form of a text that said "I know it was tough yesterday and today might not be much better but be thankful all of our kids wake up every morning I just had to do cpr on a dead 4 month old" 
I got that message as Nate (which a chest cold and double ear infection) was telling me how horrible I am while I chased down Dan who had taken off his poopie diaper somewhere upstairs, listening to Claires tantrum because I wouldn't stop to turn on Dora. If that sounded crazy, it's because it was! But I read that and it immediately made every single frustration vanish. Somewhere not far from me, there is a family that instead of eating a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, will be mourning their baby. My mind can't even fathom what that must feel like. 
What am I thankful for this holiday season? EVERYTHING. All of it, every single bit of joy, excitement  happiness, frustration, even sadness, all the tantrums, hugs, kisses, poopie diapers even! I am thankful for every time the kids say "what are we having for dinner" because that means they live in a house where they trust that someone is going to be feeding them. For absolutely every single thing.... because that means that we're all here, alive to experience it. 
The moment I read that message this morning will go into a little handful of moments I have from my 31yrs that I consider to be totally life changing. My hope for all of us is that we can get to a point where it doesn't take some horrible incident to remind us all of how very blessed we are. Hug your babies, or just someone that might need a hug, and be thankful for all of it today. 

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