Thursday, November 15, 2012

Helping hands

I was in the middle of trying to unclog the worlds most backed up vacuum ever when Kate decided to be unhappy. 

(can you even believe that this is her 'I'm sad and crying' face?) 

So, elbow deep in the filth that I was picking out of my vacuum, I resorted to my only option...I enlisted the troops. 

See? Instant joy. 
What does Kate find to be so amusing?

These kiddos wake up way too early and can't clean up a mess worth a darn, but they can entertain a baby like no others. 
I'm so grateful for my big bunch of monkeys who have so much fun taking care of their little sister. 


  1. Sometimes I could use "a bunch of monkeys" to keep my little one occupied too! I'm glad your kids are helpful to you and their little sister.
    Visiting via Imparting Grace

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  2. This is so sweet, you are one lucky mamma! We have entered battle of the siblings at our house, missing the days when brother was pure entertainment for the baby!

  3. How sweet! Looks like she has some wonderful older brothers ;)
    I am visiting from Color Transformed Family...