Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hard evidence

Behold, the antics of 4 children left to their own devices while I went upstairs to change my clothes and collect baby Kate from her nap (captured in photos with my STOLEN camera). Estimated duration of time left alone-5 minutes. 

The almighty hammer of Thor!

Sean summoning his powers so he can achieve ultimate destruction. 

Camera has changed hands...Nates turn to strike a pose. 

And then there appears to be a scuffle of sorts

But wait... what's that?...Is that...

 A little confused? Allow me to enlighten you. My darlings decided to... um...document their boyhood. You know what I mean. (sigh) Moving on. 

My pretty little Claire- sweet isn't she? 

Is that a mouth?

Sure is! Sweet my rear end...she's one of them! 
Need more proof?

Claire standing on toy so she can pound on my computer

Claire guiding her gullible little brother into mischief- because he probably wouldn't have found it on his own right? I can't even say that with a straight face. (squirting lotion all over all the junk that lives on the counter)

And finally, the theft and misuse of my phone

Which actually worked out well because somehow they connected with their father at work...

At which point Nate realized that they were beyond busted and came running to tell on Sean. 
But, the evidence speaks for itself. There were 4 guilty parties at work here.


  1. Found you on the Mommy brain mixer! Following and commenting from I hope you'll do the same! Be sure to enter my giveaway for for a free Gold Canyon candle :)

  2. Love it! Don't we all wish we could see what our kids do when we have our backs turned? You have your hands full mama!

  3. Hysterical! Looks like you have your hands full ;)

    Stopping by from MMM.

    ~ Steph

  4. Thanks for linking up to the More Than Mommies Mixer! Hope to see you this Friday, too! :)

    Cute pictures! My kids do things like that all the time! The worst is when I have to sit and erase picture by picture on my phone to free up some memory from the 200 pictures they took or the 45 minute video! :)

  5. Haha. Loved the photo walkthrough of their naughtiness. Thanks for making me smile tonight, Sarah, and for linking up with {Monday Mom Musings} this week. I enjoyed this post.