Friday, November 16, 2012


My little boy came home from school yesterday in tears. He had just gotten a new winter coat that he loved and was so excited to wear to school. But, there was a meanie boy who teased Nate about his coat, pulled at the straps, and told him that he was going to do it every single day he wore the coat to school. I felt so sad for my baby. I was heartbroken to see how quickly a few cruel words turned his joy into shame. He vowed that he would never wear this coat again and begged to donate it (the fact that he thought of donating it is in itself something to be grateful for I think). 
Nate loves school and I am so happy to send him off each day knowing what a great time he has learning. But a part of me is just so sad that IT'S all starting and I wish I could just keep my little buddy at home and protect him from all the yuckiness. I know he's going to experience that and all I can do is do my best to teach him not to ever make others feel the way he felt when he was mistreated. I encouraged him to wear his coat because he LOVED it, that no ones words can take away his own feelings. I explained that not everyone is always going to feel the same way that he does and that thats ok because that's what makes us all different. I also warned him that the boy in question might say unkind things again, but that no matter what came out of his mouth, that Nate was to treat him with kindness (and obviously go tell the teacher if it gets out of hand again).
I am thankful that we're able to provide our kids coats to keep them warm and a nice home where they feel safe and secure- that they are all so happy and loving. And, I am SO thankful that today I was able to send my baby off to school this morning once again proud of his new warm coat. He bounced off to the bus stop with a smile and during this Thanksgiving season that's about the best I can ask for! 

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