Friday, November 2, 2012

Dan has a knife

I was upstairs grabbing Kate out of her crib when I hear Sean scream..."Mom come quick! Danny has a knife and is making his own lunch!"  Nothing good can ever come from the words "Danny has a knife" so, picturing a cleaver wielding toddler tornado,  I haul my less than quick self as fast as I can to discover this scene... 

A little anticlimactic. He literally was making his own lunch. To be clear, it was a butter knife so the chances of injury were slim. We had a little bit of a peanut buttery mess but he actually did a really good job. Not so bad for a 2yr old who is obviously quite proud of himself. Is pulling over a chair and assembling all necessary ingredients and tools while silent and under 60 seconds an Olympic sport by chance? At least I know that he won't starve when the others catch me off guard and stage the mutiny that I am convinced they're plotting behind my back. 


  1. And he even got the jelly!! What a smart kid!

  2. such a cute story! what an independent little man.