Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthdays, tantrums, & who let the dogs out

We went to an awesome dinner to celebrate my sister in laws birthday (Happy Birthday Britney!). The kids were great! The food was perfect! No better way to end the weekend than with some family and a bunch of cupcakes. 

It really was a truly ideal night...until it was time to go. If you have kids you know what I mean when I say you can sense when things are about to turn sour. The kids get whiny or overly hyper and you can just tell that it's time to end it because disaster is right around the corner. For us, it is imperative to head that impending disaster off at the pass because when one loses it, it causes a chain reaction that is not to be believed. When there's 8 of you packed into one minivan, it's best to avoid meltdown at all costs. 

While driving home Corey and I listened to things like 
"Sean quit it!"
"stop touching me!"
 and my favorite 
"if you bite me one more time I'm beating you!"
...You're all wishing you were me, I know. 

But know what? All the fighting and the screaming meant one thing, my kiddies were exhausted. They were worn out from having so much fun bouncing around with balloons, playing ball in the garage, running up and down the stairs, and laughing...just laughing. I am so grateful for nights like these that my kids will all remember when they're older. 

Thanksgiving is in just a few days. There's such an amazing feeling in knowing that nights like these are what my kids will be talking about 40 years from now around their own Thanksgiving tables. Those conversations will probably include comments like

 "remember that time in the car that we were all screaming so loud that Mom and Dad turned up that song Who Let The Dogs Out (because it was so ridiculous all we could do was laugh about it!)?" 

But hopefully, they'll also have comments about how much fun it was growing up together in a large family and maybe it'll turn in to something about how thankful they are to have each other. 
(I'm guessing that by that time they'll all be mature enough to have abandoned the 
"Claire, help! Claw his leg!" and "you're a buttface!")

Really loving my family right now, buttfaces and all! 


  1. Crank up "Who Let the Dogs Out" indeed! Here's to sweet memories of family togetherness and kids being exhausted from all the fun :)

  2. This had me laughing out loud! Wonderful family memories you are creating!