Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where are your pants?

We have a little tikes climbing cube thing in the backyard and the boys do this thing where they flip it on its' side so they can sit up on top of it. They were playing out back the other day when I just happened to look outside. What did I see? Nate stuck on top of the cube with Sean hanging on his foot...ripping his pants off. Yup, Nate sitting on top of the cube, sans pants, for the whole neighborhood to see (how many of you can complain about having to say "where are your pants?!? 37 times a day?) Nate of course can't get down and Sean is refusing to return said pants to his older brother. I glance out the front window and see a certain set of neighbors watching this absurdity unfold. As a matter of fact, Corey and I think this certain set of neighbors watches us often as if we're a movie as we can be quite the spectacle (if you're a certain set of neighbors who may or may not be reading AND you happened to see my dear boy get his pants stolen by his younger brother then you know who you are!)  Claire also shouted to this certain neighbor today, while on our way to the bus stop, that she is in fact now "poopin on the potty!" I get the feeling that these folks are going to have quite the time observing my fam in the years to come. 

p.s. Dan broke out twice today in case you didn't see him bolting towards your house. 

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  1. OMG, sounds like your family is entertaining to say the least. Looking forward to more.
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