Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend recap

Baby Kate woke up last night for the first time in at least 2 and a half months. She was only up for about 45 minutes, just enough time to have a bottle and watch an episode of The Office...but I still feel like a zombie, a zombie with a nasty headache.
We spent the weekend cleaning, like REALLY cleaning. We threw a ton of junk out which always makes me feel good. This epic disaster prompted an upstairs overhaul. I can't even describe to you the joy I experience when I go upstairs and the floors are bare. I still have a ton to do- like continue to chip away at the laundry, that is no longer a mountain, but a mountain range at this point. But, it'll get done in time. Or maybe it won't. All I can think about at this moment is my thumping head (and a sausage and cheese omelet which I am convinced would help me feel better!). 

I would like to say thank you to my boys for stealing my camera and taking pictures underneath the couch. Looks like I have some more work to about that dust on the floor. Can we say allergies?! 

Baby Kate had her first sleepover with Grandma on Friday night and the kids were NOT happy to see her go. It was a sweet reunion the next day when they got their baby back who greeted the noisy chaos with a smile. 

And also, Danny learned to open doors that latch. (gulp) There is really no stopping him now, not that there ever was. 

And last but not least, thinking Kate grew a few pudgy rolls on Sunday. Wish mine were this cute!

  Happy Monday! 

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