Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Perfect Fail

I guess you could say that I'm crafty. But, confession, I rarely do projects with the kids...I know, rotten Mom, I'm ashamed! It's so hard to do any sort of art project or baking with the kids because of the age range we have. Nate and Sean want more freedom to do more themselves but then Dan ends up shoving it up his nose. Plus, it's hard for me to just let go and allow them to do whatever they want even if it looks like a jumbled mess. Today I thought I'd attempt to let go of my insanity and have them decorate Halloween cookies. I had these fun cookie cutters that I got from the Fall Friendship Swap (you can read about that here) and I was determined to use them. I am no baker, but seriously, how hard can some simple sugar cookies be (especially when you cheat and use the refrigerated dough!)? So I floured my counter top, rolled the dough, used my fun cutters...and voila! Cookies! I was so proud of myself and the boys were SO excited to decorate. Fast forward 5 minutes, and I was so anxious to tell Martha Stewart that she can move on over that I just had to sneak a peak at my wonderful little treats. GASP. Something went horribly wrong. I no longer had cute little pumpkins and ghosts. There it was, a huge una-cookie blob, in all its blobby glory.

My cute Halloween cookies had all morphed into this massive sugar cookie sheet pizza. Crap crap crap. What was I going to tell the boys? They were so excited and here I was, about to tell them that I had ruined the cookies and that there would be no decorating. Nate walks over and asks if the cookies were almost done. I felt so bad to have to tell him the truth. That I suck at baking even the simplest treats. He took one look and said "that looks yummy, when can we decorate it?" He was not seeing what I was seeing, a huge FAIL. He saw something that I had made for HIM, and for him, that was plenty. 
So, clearly this project was a go despite the baking debacle. Time to execute plan B, I used the cookie cutters on the already baked cookie blob and it worked like a dream. 

The boys sat down with sprinkles and candies and had the times of their lives getting all sticky and messy. I was able to allow them to do what they wanted without worrying about how pretty the cookies turned out (good thing too because they got about as much saliva on those cookies as they did frosting).

(yes that is supposed to be a pirate face in case you were wondering)

 I think these were the most beautiful cookies to come out of my kitchen yet- funny how that happens. 

Kids have a way of sneaking in life lessons when you least expect them. Today my boys reminded me that they love me no matter how imperfect I am, just like their huge cookie blobby blob monster! 


  1. those turned out so cute! I hate it when I bake something and they turn out awful... great save! I think I'll do some halloween cookies with my kids too :)

  2. I clicked over here from somewhere...sorry about the cookies but good job, mama! You made them and your kids were happy. A good save :)