Thursday, October 11, 2012

Target market

Sean- "Mom, I have a girlfriend."
Me- "Really?"
Sean- "Yeah, girls like me at school."
Me- "Well, what's her name?"
Sean- "There's lots and I really like them all" (then he names like 7 little girls)
Nate- "Mom, I'm never gonna marry any girls in my class."
Me- "I'm sure you will someday."
Nate- "No way, I'll just marry you!"
Me- "You will? I'll marry you too buddy. But what about Dad?"
Nate- "He can go marry Claire and they can live in the garage."

Nate- "You're such a baby toilet face Sean."
Sean- "No I'm not Nathan pants you stupid stinky underpants!"
Nate- "Yes you are Sean."
Sean- "Well you're not the target market, weirdo!" (pretty sure that's from The Lorax) 

(said during a tantrum without taking a breath and screeching like a crazed pterodactyl ) 
Sean- "Mommy quit letting Wesley come upstairs make him stay in his room in the basement forever and never let him come out ever and never get anymore snacks forever until he starves and doesn't get to go outside to play or wear shoes ever!" (finally takes a second to inhale) "and no more video games!"


  1. oh my, oh my.. what a interesting conversions...

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