Monday, October 8, 2012

Like father, like son...

and son, and son, and son......and daughter! 

Some people have coffee after dinner, or maybe casually read the paper or clean up the kitchen...whatever. Not here! In this house we wrestle. And by "we" I certainly do not mean ME because I am apparently the only civilized one out of the bunch. Observe my undomesticated family. 

(disclaimer: no children were harmed during the taking of these pictures)

In case it's not clear to you from these photos, this would be my husband holding big brothers arm so that he's forced to endure the wrath of all the little kids...

1 little kid, no biggie, but 4 little kids attack with enough force to take down even the toughest of 17yr olds (especially when you only have 1 arm!)

 I wish I had words to properly convey the level of noise...

Or perhaps the feeling of the entire house shaking.

Or my fear of having to explain the situation to an ER doctor!

My sweet little girls idea of thrill seeking...

Just another random Sunday evening filled with family togetherness.
So, who wants to come over for dinner? Anyone?...anyone?...hello?


  1. HA! My kids are always wrestling around and I remember my brothers and I doing the same thing. It was so much fun!! Love this! I'm a new follower and hope you will stop by!

  2. haha, my boys would love it over at your house. They are all about some wrestling.