Friday, October 19, 2012

It happened

In an effort to clear some clutter, and avoid sloppy winter-y mess, we've moved all the shoes into the garage (um, major duh moment... why have we not done this sooner?!)  As soon as we did this, I thought to myself "I just know some sort of creepy is going to get in my shoe". So I venture out of my cave to collect the mail. As I approach the shoe rack to put away my awesomely comfy crocs, I notice something was off. What is that I thought...must get a closer look. I crept closer, eyeing the suspicious object. Time stood still as the realization hit me like a brick in the face. There was indeed a bug in my shoe. A big one. A fat one. A big fat creepy (insert expletive)  bug was in my cute red shoe. 

It was as if he knew and chose that particular shoe on purpose, sitting there all smug, taunting me. What was I going to do? I didn't know this particular bug. I was not familiar with his powers- could he fly, could he hop? How was I to know how to successfully execute him without the proper tools? I figured I had to act quickly before he summoned the rest of his minions so they could all roost in my shoes and feast on my delicate little piggies (augh.... I shudder). I used the mail in my hand to swat the shoe to the garage floor. The shoe landed upside down, thus shielding the perpetrator from my line of sight. OMG what now?!?! I don't see it anywhere...he's still in there! The nerve! So, I muster all the courage I have left and I do the only acceptable thing at this point. I run inside and get Sean. I know what some of you may be thinking. What if that wicked creature stings, how could you place your dear 4yr old in harms way? Well, this is how I look at it. He likes to get bugs. As his Mother, it is my job to make sure he has wonderful childhood experiences, so who am I to deny him this pleasure? Right. So, Sean the rescuer promptly come to my aid "sure (sounds like  'thur') Mommy, where is it? (with a grrrrrrr in there)". He comes out into the garage and flips my shoe over to expose the beast. There it was, all predatory, waiting to pounce.

 "I'll get it Mommy!" (STOMP.SQUISH.SPLAT.)

 And just like that, the nightmare was over. I am so grateful to my brave little boy for rescuing me yet again from one of natures foulest creations, and for the fact that I chose comfort over style for the mail collection- I would have fallen over dead had I found that thing with my foot. The powers that be were at work in this house today. Yuck yuck yuck!!! 


  1. Cute blog! I think wazoo is accurate!
    I am following you now. Did you know you are a no reply commentor? Do you know what that means?

    Look at this post and let me know if this makes sense. You need to change your setting and you will get many more comments.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. By some strange coincidence I killed a giant roach (or Palmetto bug as they call 'em here in the south) with my shoe today too. Visiting from the Weekend Blog Walk.

  3. Hi, stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop and now your newest follower! Eeeekkk i don't do well with creepy crawlies either, thank heavens for kids eh? Would love for you to stop by and follow us back when you can.
    Vikki @ Little Loves

  4. I Do Not Do bugs. My husband is a pilot and if God forbid I find one I will trap it under a cup and make him deal with it when he gets home! Visitng from the weekend blog walk

  5. haha. i am constantly finding spiders in my apartment even though i dust every season, they're in every frickin corner. i don't mind so much as long as they keep to themselves. but on the topic of shoes, almost every time i put my shoes on i find a collection of little things in them, like toys, buttons, stones, whatever my 2 year old can get her hands on

  6. Newest follower here! I found you through the Sunday link up!
    Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  7. Hee, I used to send the Big One in to get the spiders, then she suddenly became afraid of them. I blame it on Ms. Middle!

    Thanks for liking up with Super Sunday Sync!
    Glad you stopped by,
    Hope to see you next week :)