Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy Mom strikes again

So yesterday morning was nuts, it's all my unorganized fault of course, but still. During the chaos, I discovered that Nates homework was missing. He had been digging around in his backpack all morning so naturally, being the amazing Mom that I am, I scolded him for losing the worksheet. He insisted that the worksheet in question was from last week. I, again because I am just that awesome, explained that I am the grown up and I remember doing the worksheet with him just the night before (it was a days of the week worksheet by the way, how appropriate!). I sent him off to school thinking he had to tell the teacher that he lost his homework. Nate comes home from school that afternoon and hands me his folder where I went on to find said worksheet...graded, because it was in fact from last week. Nate looked at me, sort of shook his head in disgust, and said "Mom, I told you it was from last week. You should just ask me when you forget stuff because I almost always know what I'm talking about." Indeed you do Nate, indeed you do. 

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