Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why so many?

My husband and I often get asked why we chose to have so many kids. A quick look at the pictures below is the only way to best answer that question....

Kates biggest fan, Sean.

The moment when Sean realized that he could move...and Nate said to himself "oh-no!"

The beginnings of a beautiful friendship

Sean learning to be his loving little self by caring for others. 

Nate reading to his baby sister...something he still does today with Danny. 

Morning kisses

Claire finding her new baby.


Nate- always the entertainer. 

Dancing partners.

And the trend continues...

There are many things that my kids will miss out on in this lifetime- but an abundance of love certainly won't be one of them. The relationships that they are building with each other are priceless. This house is loud, messy, and chaotic... but the smiles on those faces make it all so very worth it. 


  1. The link to this post was on your most recent one and I just love this!!!! I feel the same way!!!! The kids are surrounded by love and their best friends!

  2. Your family is so precious, and there should never be any other reason to have children that love. I would love to have had more than two but couldn't. However, those two have given us six grandchildren. Just think of all the potential for grand babies that you have! Trust me, as much as you love your children, those grandchildren will absolutely steal your heart!

    1. Thanks so much! We have big big plans for grandbabies :)