Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scaredy Mom

I hate bugs. Like HATE them. When everyone else is out enjoying the summer and frolicking in the sunshine (really...who does that?), I sit and think about all the creepies that are just waiting to get me. Best part of the whole year is when it starts to get cold because it kills all the little nasties off. 
So, when I look up and see something like this....

(Like all the stuff hidden on top of the fridge by the way?)

I freak out! I realize that it only looks like this tiny spec in this picture but I am telling you this monster was like 2 inches long. I also realize that for some of you, 2 inches must seem like a whole lot of nothing. But this is not the amazon, and I feel like if we must have bugs then the population should be limited to ants only...and maybe the occasional lady bug or bumble bee. 
I'm pretty sure that thing is a cricket or something which means that when I climb on a chair to squash it, it's inevitably going to jump on me causing me to fall to my death...or at least break a bone! I have 6 kids, I can't have a broken bone!!! 
Corey was at work and Wes was at school, Sean (my next in line go to insect destroyer) obviously can't reach it. So, I did the next best thing. I tried to get it with the dust mop. As predicted it jumped somewhere unseen. Now, the little jerk is living behind my refrigerator, just waiting for an unsuspecting me to come along so he can launch his evil attack! Talk about diet incentive. I'm not going anywhere near that refrigerator while that beast is still lurking.
How did a cricket get up on top of the refrigerator? 
Answer: DAN
Thanks a ton for breaking the screen buddy. Awesome choice.
So grateful summer is almost over...bring on the frost!!!! 

(A certain somebody also opted to shed their shorts outside AND abandon their contraband by the door)


  1. I know your pain - we are plagued by moths at the moment I hate them, yet they really like to dive bomb me it's like they know!

    Thank you so much for linking up at I Love my Post :).

    Sarah x

  2. From one Scaredy Mommy to another, nice to meet you. I once saw a spider in the house, climb up onto the couch and that's where my husband found me hours later when he came home from work.
    Found you at the hop, glad I did, sometimes it's just good to know you're not alone in these things.