Monday, September 17, 2012

Nates nanny

me- "You guys are a disaster, I need a nanny."
Nate- "What's a nanny?"
me- "Um, it's like a babysitter that never leaves. They live in your house"
Nate- "Then we already have a nanny, Wesley."

(Wesley being my 17yr old stepson who babysits SOMETIMES. He recently enrolled in the school of diaper changing and pigtail fixing...much to his dismay.)

This super high quality photo was taken amidst panicked cries of "Oh my God are you putting that on facebook?!?!"


  1. Thats hilarious. I'm a new follower, just stopped by from the Blog Hop.
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  2. hahha that's so funny....and very commendable that he agrees to those two duties! His wife will be thrilled!! :)