Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day disasters

Cookouts? Fun with friends and family? Who needs that when you can spend your holiday cleaning up fun little messes like these...

For your viewing pleasure...

Nice huh? Well then feast your eyes on this beauty...

W H Y?

 That Claire though, she's one smart girl. Look at her sweet little room, all nice and neat. Don't be fooled though, she had just as much to do with that catastrophe as the boys. She has learned though that it's pretty tough to convict if there's no evidence. No need to destroy her room when the boys rooms will do just fine. 

She even made her bed to avoid suspicion ... genius!

Danny decided to come visit me while I was upstairs snapping these pictures... yeah, that's mustard. 

Anyone who thinks that a stay at home Mom doesn't "work" is CRAZY. 
Happy Labor Day!

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