Friday, September 21, 2012

Just one of those days

     I'm in a funk today. I feel as thought I am living in an episode of Hoarders. There is random clutter all over my house. Add to that a little dose of 'I have Kates baptism in 2 days and am having people in my house' panic and you have my mood. 
     We overslept a bit this morning and woke up in the kid whirlwind that occurs when you don't make it out of bed before they do. I come home after getting Nate off to school and expect a little down time to get some cleaning done. But instead ended up having to run an errand for my husband (he locked his keys in the car while golfing...45minutes away...I would be teased for all of eternity had I been the one to do this!) The drive takes you down this gorgeous country road that goes right through 2 old historic towns. Should have been a really enjoyable trip. But, Claire happened. She was too hot, didn't want the ac, dropped her shoes, couldn't reach her blankie, wanted Sean to stop breathing...all of the usual stuff. Dan decided to throw in about 30 minutes of pterodactyl grade screaming just to make it that much more fun. Did I mention I got lost? 
     Clearly I made it home, but my brain feels like it's made of scrambled eggs now. I soothed with some leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes, healthy coping mechanism I realize. Now, finally, I'm off to attack this house. I expect my motivation to last about 11 minutes until I step on a Lego and give up.

 So grateful for smiles like these to get my through the day! 


  1. Hahah your motivation lasts longer than mine does! Thanks for the advice about grocery shopping! Some times i feel like i have to prove something by being able to go to the store with all of them. Like I am not doing 'my job' if i cant but OMG its impossible seriously!

  2. Oh dear ! one of those days ! I hate them ! And then to top it off the house is a mess ! Well I hope you got through it all ok. Don't beat yourself up. It's almost impossible to keep a home tidy when there are kids around. I'm a perfectionist and really super tidy and there is always mess somewhere in my house too. Sometimes I jsut have to let it be and put my feet up. We all deserve a break ! It sounds like you do after the horrific trip.
    I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)

  3. Lord have mercy, isn't that the way it always goes?? Hope the weekend went smoothly!

  4. My home is never tidy - thanks to my boys!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!