Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's almost here

Fall! Okaaaay, so maybe it's not here yet. But, it's not that far off. My house needed some major cheering so the pumpkins HAD to come out. I lit up a pumpkin spice candle and boom, just like that, instant cozy! 

Know what else comes with fall? SCHOOL! Can you tell I'm excited? SCHOOL!!!!!! Now I know lots of Moms get all teary eyed when their little ones go off on their first days. Not this lady! My boys love school and are so very excited about it. Who am I to shed a tear on their happy day? The kids are all so used to having to share everything and I think it's good that their school day is just theirs. Finally something that they have all to themselves. I love talking about their days with them when they get home. Their faces are filled with joy as they describe something that just they did. (not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome getting a break from 2 of the kids too...it is SO needed. AND if a certain little girl would just accept the potty as part of her life then she could go to preschool too. 3 kids at school...be still me heart!)

Nates first day was 2 weeks ago and he was VERY excited to finally start kindergarten...

Poor Sean though, was heartbroken to see his buddy leave. 

The moment Sean realized Nate was actually going to depart.

Then the bus pulled away

The aftermath...total. nuclear. meltdown. 

But today was Sean first day back to preschool...

And now all is right with the world. 

So proud of you Nate and Sean!!! 


  1. I love pumpkin candles...and that wood sign as well. I wish you the best with potty training:)

  2. Poor Sean looked so sad. I love Corey's fireman carry BTW! LOL. I am glad your boys love school.