Friday, September 28, 2012

Conversations with Sean

Sean- "I'm havin such a good day Mom!"
me- "Awesome buddy!"
Sean-"Yeah Mom, I'm not even gonna be poopin in my underpants today! Not even a little!"
me- "Um, congratulations Sean."
Sean- "Yeah, none poop. Zero."

(I feel compelled to explain that my dear boy does not poo in his pants)

Sean- "I love my baby sister Mom."
me- "That's very nice of you, you're a great big brother."
Sean- "Yeah Mom, when she falls on the tile in the kitchen, or like if maybe you drop her or somethin, I'm gonna check for where the beedin is comin from"
me- "Um...ok. It's good to look out for her I guess."
Sean- "Yeah, and when she gets a HUGE bump on her head from fallin, I'll wipe the bleed away and get the ice pack. I'm a good big brother!" 
me- "That's lovely Sean. "

(how very sweet. Slightly disturbing maybe....but sweet.)

Sean- "Mommy, this house is messy. When can we burn it down and get a new one?"
me- "How about we just clean it?"
Sean- "Oh right....that's what I was thinkin!"
me- "Good to hear buddy."



  1. haha this sounds so similiar to the convos I have with Cullen!

  2. Seriously, two posts in and I love your blog already (so glad I found it). About two times a day I have to remind my daughter that we don't go outside naked. And yet my husband rarely comes home to a fully dressed family.....I'm raising two nudists.