Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There are no words...

I left the kids with their older brother Wes (16yrs) so baby Kate and I could grab some last minute school supplies. While I'm gone I get a text message from him saying he has a good story for me when I get home. I know better that to think that means anything other than trouble. So when I walk in he tells me that Dan rubbed peanut butter and lotion all over the carpet. Bummer, I think to myself, but he cleaned it up and I have a carpet cleaner so could be worse. Then, he looks at Nate and says "tell Mom what you did!" Nate looks at me, then hides his face, as it customary in times of mischief. Sean comes tearing around the corner and says "there was a dead mouse by the cube!" (the cube being a little tykes climber in the backyard) I said "eew a dead mouse?" Sean replies "Yeah Mom and it hit Claire on the chin!" I looked at Wes. He tells me that the boys found the mouse, were touching it, and that Nate flung it at his sister!!!!!!!!!! It definitely hit her, she definitely had mouse goo on her, and I definitely can't talk about it anymore or else I might throw up! Eew, eew, and EEW!

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  1. these stories are priceless, by the time there are 18 you are going to have a best selling book