Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Destructor

Now that the baby gate is gone, Danny has unleashed his wrath of complete and absolute destruction. He clearly plans on total Barra Dr. domination... starting with our upstairs. I know what you're thinking.... how much damage can an almost 2yr possibly be causing?

Exhibit a... 

Why is Hercules so blurry? I caught him in the middle of hurling himself from the bed to the mattress. How'd the mattress end up on the floor? What... didn't you know that a 2yr old could do that? 

Exhibit b...

That's my sweet little boy, mere moments after he tossed our entire 700+ piece Lego collection down the front stairs... well, minus the 50 or so pieces he saved so he could launch those 1 by 1 at me as I stared at the mess that my beautiful baby created. 

Yesterday he tipped his highchair backwards and ripped a big hole in the screen door. 

Oh dear, sweet little Danny. You sure do brighten my day with your smile...good thing too, because if it weren't for the ever present grin I might make you live in the backyard! 


  1. Brooke and I think you are absolute hilarious and you are a magnificient writer. Brooke says if you wrote a book, she would read it :)