Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nothing better than feeling accomplished

I know it's only been 2 days since school has started, but I feel the twinges of a pretty good routine starting. Both mornings, I have walked the whole fam to the bus stop to see Nate off (disclaimer- Corey has been  home to help with this... this will NOT go as smoothly when Dad isn't around -or- once the weather turns). Kate gets tired out from the exhausting stroller ride to the corner and takes an awesomely long nap when we get home. Sean, Claire, and Dan get some good playtime in and I get caught up on some seriously overdue housework. So far I have been able to clean out/ organize my pantry, clean laundry room, make 18lbs of fresh tomatoes into sauce for the winter, bleach the bathroom twice (BOYS!!!), LAUNDRY, and finally attack the upstairs with a magic eraser....all while trying to keep the kiddos happy-ish. Hoping that this streak I'm on sticks and that I might finally be able to get a handle on this house. The sun is out, the weather is pleasant, kids in good spirits, and my dinner is already made for tonight....these are some good days! 


  1. My, where ever did you get all those fresh tomatoes?! The sauce sounds terrific! :) Glad things are going well!

    1. From the amazing Collingwood Farm of course!