Monday, August 20, 2012

Death By Action Figure

Boys fight. I have learned that no matter how much this bothers me, there is absolutely nothing that I can do to stop it. It used to be, and sometimes still is kind of cute. Cute meaning it's the harmless sort of sibling spat that doesn't require intervention... like one calling the other a "meatball" or throwing out threats that only a preschooler could really appreciate, "I'm gonna put you in the longest nap ever so you can never have snacks again!" 
But, like most things in life, the cute fighting era is quickly coming to an end. Things have taken an ugly turn around here and it's getting serious 
(side note- I pictured the little Wonder Pets duck, Ming Ming? singing "this is serious" as I wrote that...which makes me feel sort of pathetic) .....

That would be what a 4yr olds head looks like when his brother attacks him with an action figure. Fun huh? Under those bandages are 3 pretty deep gouges that bled all over the back of Seans neck and soaked his shirt. Sean was mildly upset, that is, until he reached around and saw the blood dripping down his hand. Then it was operation freak out. 
The mother of all tantrums was eventually tamed by the promise of nuggets for dinner and (drum roll) not 1 band aid, but 2!....thrilling I know. I'm praying to almighty God that those band aids fall off while he sleeps. But, those little tantrum tamers are REALLY stuck on that fuzzy head of his. Looks like that's a fight we'll worry about later!

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